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  • Turpan Raisins - 9-1
  • is a supplier and exporter of Turpan Raisins. These are procured from manufacturers who uses quality raw material and follow regulatory industry standards. These are exported at economical prices and are at par with the international quality standards.


    Turpan Raisins

    match the stringent quality norms of the international market. Quality is something we take in our stride, for it is an inseparable part of right conduct and work ethics. Our quality standards act as a bench mark for the entire industry.

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  • Turpan Raisins
    Turpan Thin Shin Raisin
    After having been using 10 year California Raisin, today you have a new choice
    The best raisin producing place in the world is Xinjiang Turpan.
    Its nuclear tree white grape has been called “Crystal Grape” and “Green Pearl”.
    It has been air dried naturally indoors.


    BK Turpan Raisin

    California Raisin

    Water content      




    >65 brix

    max 55 brix

    100g about




    soft,QQ,thin shin,sour&sweet

    thick skin,drierand sourer


    almost no and softer

    almost no and softer


    Amber,particles loosen and easy to take out      

    Amber, particles loosen and easy to take out      

    1.Low moisture content: The high temperature dry air brings water out of juicy grape and
       let it have good sweet and low water content (10%).
    2.More quantity : In every 100g the quantity is 1/3 more than the California’s.
    3.Polution-free: It comes from no industrial polluted Xinjiang and has been washed with
       the pure Tianshan melted snow watr and coated with sunflower oil.
    4.Purities: It uses manual multiple selection and advanced metal detector.
    5.Thin skin and good taste: the unique flavor in the world.
    6.The most modern equipment and won the ISO9001-2000 quality management system,
       HACCP food safety management system certification.

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