Bakery Machine | Bakery Equipment | Cake Baking Equipment | manufacturer supplier Wholesale Distributors Bakery Machine manufacturer and Bakery Equipment supplier also Wholesale Distributors OEM-over 5,100 ,Cake Baking Equipment,Industrial Baking Oven,Commercial Bakery Oven buyers around the world at Wed, 18 Jul 2018 09:59:21 -0600 Cookie Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_4lk41510126163.jpg' /><br>Cookie production line<br /> Product: Industrial type Cookie Depositor<br /> Dimensions: 2000×1950×1850mm<br /> Power:380V 3P 15KW<br /> <br /> <ol> <li> Use 7-axis servo motor linked control </li> <li> Use PLC control with touch screen </li> <li> Use forced feeding pump, the fastest speed : 65 times per minute </li> <li> Effective depositing width : 1000mm (14 nozzles) to work with steel band </li> </ol> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_6__"></span><br /> Production procedures : ingredients preparation → mixing → depositing→ baking → cooling → packaging<br /> <br /> Suitable for industrial mass production to produce deposited cookies and flat cookies (wire cutting) and can work with Baker’s Kingdom steel band tunnel oven.<br /> <br /> Cookie Production Line Cookie Production <img src='productpic/ps_sarc1510126457.jpg' /><br>Sandwiched cookie production line<br /> Product: Industrial type Cookie Depositor<br /> Dimension: 20500x2350x2300mm<br /> Effective Size: 14000x1000x150mm<br /> Working Height: 1050mm<br /> Power Consumption: 380V 3P 11.5KW ( reduction gears、air blower、lighting equipment)<br /> Heating: fuel gas heating<br /> Capacity: Total 14 line, about 9000 pieces/hour<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Adopting 10 inches PLC touch screen, the main electric element are from Schneider. </li> <li> We adopt 1.2mm rustless aluminum plate in hearth meeting hygienic standard.&nbsp; <br /> </li> <li> It is equipped with 42 sets combustion tube. </li> <li> It is equipped&nbsp; gas safety device, if the gas is out of limits, our equipment will&nbsp; automatically turns off the gas system to ensure safety. </li> <li> There are 2 observation Windows, 2 lighting equipment and 2 temperature control system. </li> <li> Temperature setting: 6M in the first temperature area, 4M in the second temperature area, 4M in the third temperature area. </li> <li> Independent control of air duct in each temperature area.<br /> </li> </ol> Cookie Production Multi-Functional Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_97wl1519179432.jpg' /><br>Multi-functional production line<br /> Tray size:400x600mm<br /> <ol> <li> Cup cake(Small) </li> After baking 28g, After injection 32g <br /> 48pcs/tray <br /> Capacity:15000pcs/hour <br /> <li> Cup cake(Big) <br /> </li> After baking 45g, After injection 52g <br /> 24pcs/tray <br /> Capacity:10000pcs/hour <li> Fruit cake </li> Batter weight:1pcs/kg<br /> 8pcs/tray <li> Cookie </li> Baking time:Cup cake 20 min/cycle ; 3 cycle/hour </ol> <br /> Working procedure<br /> Cake:Preparation&gt;Mixing&gt;Cup feeding&gt;Depositing&gt;Baking&gt;Cooling&gt;Filling whipping&gt;Filling injection&gt;Demoulding&gt;Packaging<br /> Cookie:Preparation&gt;Mixing&gt;Depositing&gt;Baking&gt;Cooling&gt;Packaging<br /> Multi-Functional Production Line Puff Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_x7wm1511766638.jpg' /><br>Mini chou (puff) production line<br /> Product:Small puffs with fillings<br /> Weight :Batter 8g/pc Diameter 45mm → 60 mm incl. pitch, After baking and drying → 5g/pc<br /> Density:0.9<br /> Capacity:48,000pc/hour → 48,000×8g=384kg<br /> <ul> <li> If the puff weight is less or baking time is shorter. </li> <li> the capacity could reach 60,000pc/hour. </li> </ul> Positioning way:steel band width 1000,1000÷60=16.67 → 16pc/line<br /> Baking time:12 minutes<br /> Drying time:8 minutes<br /> <ul> <li> From baking to drying completion, totally needs 20 minutes (3 cycles /hour) </li> </ul> <br /> Working procedure:<br /> Preparation → Mixing → Depositing (outer shape) → Baking → Drying → Cooling → Injecting (inside filling) → Packaging<br /> <br /> Puff Production Line Chiffon Cake Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_w0ww1511763773.jpg' /><br>Chiffon Cake Production Line<br /> Specification:100kg/250kg/500kg/750kg/1000kg<br /> 250 kg type can produce 250 kg of Chiffon batter per hour.<br /> It means 600 pcs of 400 gram 8” cake or 250 pcs of 1000 gram sheet cake.<br /> <br /> Only 2 staffs required for production line!<br /> ※ Meringue density can reach 0.16<br /> ※ Aerating temperature controlled within 5℃ range <br /> ※ aerating ratio above 93%<br /> ※ complete sanitary without human hygiene<br /> ※ saves space<br /> <br /> The first chiffon cake batter production line in the world. <br /> Used by Ganso- China, Paris Baguette- Korea, and numerous tier 1 customers around the world.<br /> <br /> Chiffon Cake Production Line Mousse Cake Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_8sro1520239270.jpg' /><br>Mousse cake production line<br /> 100 kgs type capacity : 100-150 kg/hour<br /> 250 kgs type capacity : 200-300 kg/hour<br /> <br /> <img src=" " width="680px" /><br /> <br /> Ingredients<br /> Pre-handling of mousse base/Such as egg yolk, cream cheese/to be mixed in advance by hand mixer&gt; To cook mousse base with 60L Mousse cooking machine to 80℃/85℃ then cool down the temperature to 35℃. Can use&nbsp; several cooking machines for different recipe.<br /> <br /> Chilling storage tank for cream&gt; Aerating machine 100/250kgs for cream&gt;<br /> <br /> Mixing Homogeneously through static mixer (jacketed tube)&gt; Mousse depositor&gt; Blast chiller &amp; <br /> Shock freezer&gt; Depanning Freezing&gt; Decoration&gt; Cutting Ultrasonic cake cutter&gt; Packaging Mousse Cake Production Line Layer Cake Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_xf541520556584.jpg' /><br>Multi-layer cake production line<br /> Double line<br /> 1. Product: 9 layer x 5 mm/layer <br /> 2. Tray size:760x460x5 mm<br /> 3. Baking time:12 minute/layer,5 times/hour<br /> 4. Calculating basing on the effective baking length 6M of tunnel oven,Loading 2 trays from760mm side each time, <br /> full loading:6000/480x2=25 tray<br /> 5. Capacity:25 tray x 5/9 layer =13.8 tray /hourX2 line=27.2 tray/hour<span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Layer Cake Production Line Pancake Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_wdqh1511768537.jpg' /><br>Pancake production line<br /> Dimensions : 6000x1360x1830mm<br /> Capacity : 600-800pcs/hr, 4 rows<br /> Product Size : 80-100mm<br /> <br /> Features : <br /> <ol> <li> PLC control </li> <li> Auto oil spraying </li> <li> Self-cleaning </li> </ol> <br /> Batter Depositing→Drying→Turning→Baking→Filling→Sandwiching→Stamping→Sealing<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Automatic filling material </li> <li> Automatic baking turn over </li> <li> Quantitative invagination filling </li> <li> Replaceable mould </li> </ol> <p> <br /> </p> Pancake Production Line Whole Egg Cake Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_stpr1522054076.jpg' /><br>Whole egg production line<br /> Suitable for Honey cake, whole egg cake, SP cake, Sponge cake, Steamed cake, heavy cake.<br /> Characteristic : <br /> 1. Density is consistent&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> 2. Texture is fine and quality is stable. &nbsp;<br /> 3. Standardization, automation and&nbsp; rationalization.<br /> <br /> Roller type Cake depositor<br /> Suitable for the depositor of batter with density less than 0.65<br /> <br /> Piston type Cake depositor<br /> Suitable for the depositor of batter with density above than 0.65 Whole Egg Cake Production Line Cupcake Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_xosn1511763869.jpg' /><br>Cup cake production line<br /> R1200 Cup cake production line<span style="font-family:" color:red;"=""><br /> Dimension : 7500x1388x2208mm&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> Capacity : 1200 pieces / hr<br /> Baking time : 18 minutes<br /> Product : Ø60mm, 55g/pc after baking<br /> Features : 6 indent molded caterpillar, Injection available <br /> <br /> Features:<br /> </span> <ol> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Automatic feeding device</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Automatic oil injection system</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Positioning quantitative packing</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Taking off mould </span> </li> </ol> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"=""><br /> Production process:<br /> dosing→ automatic packing→ paper cups supply or spray oil→ automatic filling of batter →bake in tunnel oven→ automatic demoulding →cooling→ package<br /> this production line is designed for cup cake in normal temperature preservation for 6 months, the total line may need 4~5 people. <br /> <br /> </span><span style="font-family:" color:red;"=""></span> Cupcake Production Line Cupcakes Production Line <img src='productpic/ps_mkdx1519179445.jpg' /><br>Cup cake production line<br /> R5000 Cup cake production line<br /> Capacity:5000pcs/hour<br /> Product size: Ø50x30mm<br /> Batter quantity:30g/pcs<br /> Baking Time:18min<br /> <br /> Working procedure:<br /> Preparation&gt;Mixing&gt;Cup feeding&gt;Depositing&gt;Baking&gt;Demoulding&gt;Cooling&gt;Packaging<br /> <br /> <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"> </iframe> Cupcakes Production Line Cupcake Productions <img src='productpic/ps_6m81511763946.jpg' /><br>Cup cake production line<br /> Products : Cup cake (muffin cake) <br /> After baking : 30g/pc&nbsp; 20~40g<br /> Before baking : 34g/pc&nbsp; 25~45g<br /> Product size : Round shape paper cup with upper diameter 60mm<br /> &nbsp;(or use Oil-spraying without paper cup)<br /> Capacity : 9000 pcs/hour (Max.)<br /> Tray size : 73x1000 mm / 11 indents (1000mm is oven effective width)<br /> Baking time : 15 minutes ; 3~4 cycle/hour<br /> <br /> Production Process : <br /> Preparation → Mixing → Cup-feeding or Oil-spraying device → Depositing →Baking → Demoulding →Tray recycling&nbsp; → Cooling → Packaging <br /> <br /> <ol> <li> According to customer’s demand and budget, the capacity can be adjusted from 4000pcs to 12000pcs and the equipments can be adapted. </li> <li> This line is designed for Paper Cup Cake with 6 month shelf life in room temperature and it only needs 4-5 persons for whole line. </li> </ol> <br /> Cupcake Productions Cupcake Production Process <img src='productpic/ps_2fzs1519260825.jpg' /><br>Cupcake Production Line<br /> M15000 Cupcake Production Line<br /> After baking:30g/pcs<br /> Density:0.8<br /> Product size:95x54x25mm<br /> Capacity:15000piece/hour<br /> Size of Tray:400x600mm&nbsp; 36pcs/tray (4x9:36)<br /> Baking time:15minute/cycle;3~4cycle/hour<br /> <br /> Working Procedure:<br /> Preparation→Mixing→Cup feeding→Batter depositing→Baking with tunnel oven→Demoulding→Tray recycling→Cooling→Inner packaging→Outer packaging<br /> <br /> Cupcake Production Process Tunnel Oven <img src='productpic/ps_vp5o1511764127.jpg' /><br>Gas &amp; Electric tunnel oven <ul> <li> Direct Heat </li> <li> Steel/mesh/caterpillar bands </li> <li> PLC touch screen </li> <li> Temperature zone </li> <li> Various safety feature </li> <li> Aluminum interior </li> <li> Zero pressure gas flow </li> <li> Heat reflective system </li> <li> Infrared/ far infrared system </li> <li> Available in Gas and Electric </li> </ul> <br /> We have sold over several hundred tunnels ovens to industrial users all over China,<br /> as well as Korea, Malaysia, Middle East and over the world.<br /> Baker's Kingdom has proven recognition from customers.<br /> Superior quality than Japanese brands at fraction of the price.<br /> <br /> Tunnel Oven Electric Deck Oven <img src='productpic/ps_gdgb1519179466.jpg' /><br>European bread electric deck oven<br /> Voltage : 380/220V 3P 18KW<br /> Dimension : 1250x1200x2180mm<br /> Characteristic :<br /> Use high efficiency far infrared heating tube.<br /> Use food grade aluminum plate, health and safety.<br /> Use food-grade high temperature stone bed.<br /> Use food-grade microcomputer fire fragmentation IC board.<br /> Individual steam generator can continuously supply steam. <br /> Automatic loading device is available Electric Deck Oven Rotary Oven <img src='productpic/ps_jrhr1511764191.jpg' /><br><div> Rotary oven </div> <ol> <li> Trolley size: 670x850x1750mm </li> <li> Tray size: 600x400mm </li> <li> Energy: diesel fuel, electricity, gas </li> <li> Baking range: breads, moon cakes, toasts, baguettes, crisp products, etc. </li> <li> Big baking capacity : can load 1 unit of 32 tray trolley each time Only need one worker to operate input and output of trolley. Save time and labor. </li> <li> Unique furnace design : heat goes up fast and save energy. </li> <li> Individual control box : free from the influence of furnace temperature and steam, the machine is durable. </li> <li> With multiple safety devices. </li> <li> Machine dimensions: 2600x2150x2350mm </li> </ol> Rotary Oven Deck Oven <img src='productpic/ps_5mra1511764247.jpg' /><br>Deck oven<br /> Dimensions:1210x1130x1830mm<br /> <p> Power:380V 3P 20kw<br /> Weight:850kg<br /> Oven hearth: :850x650x195mm<br /> <br /> Features: </p> <ol> <li> Good thermal design </li> <li> Adopting high efficiency far infrared electric heating pipe </li> <li> The furnace adopts food-grade aluminum plate, sanitary and safety </li> <li> The stone bed adopts the food grade high temperature stone bed, three-sides stone bed. </li> <li> Temperature control adopts the food grade microcomputer fire section IC plate </li> <li> Independent steam generator with continuous steam. </li> <li> Equipped with automatic furnace device (optional) </li> </ol> Deck Oven Pita Oven <img src='productpic/ps_x9c1511764592.jpg' /><br>Pita oven<br /> Effective baking dimension : 1200x1020x165mm<br /> Bake time : 30 sec-3 min <br /> Capacity: 1500~2000 pcs /hour<br /> Based on 100g dough at 60~90secs bake time <br /> <br /> Features : &nbsp;<br /> <ol> <li> Front Gate as low as 30mm </li> <li> Temperature Up to 450 C </li> <li> Equipped with mesh band feeder </li> <li> Gapless caterpillar </li> <li> PLC touch screen upon request </li> </ol> <br /> Pita Oven Maamoul Oven <img src='productpic/ps_sh3t1511764780.jpg' /><br>Maamoul oven<br /> Japan Technology, Manufactured in China<br /> 33% higher capacity than the European brands at a fraction of the price<br /> Easy of use Touch Screen PLC control panel with memory sets <br /> <br /> Outer dimension : L 5000 x W 1800 x H 1425mm<br /> Effective baking dimension : L 4000 x W 900 x H 100mm suitable for 800x600 mm tray<br /> Capacity : Max 80 trays/hr at baking time 5 min Max 66 trays/hr at baking time 6 min <br /> Temperature: up to 400℃<br /> Heat source: equipped with 48 burners and provides up to 48Kw<br /> <br /> Maamoul Oven Baumkuchen Oven <img src='productpic/ps_qpk1511765058.jpg' /><br>Baumkuchen oven<br /> Voltage/Power:220V 3P 1.7KW<br /> Dimension:160x150x192cm<br /> Weight:900KG<br /> Gas pressure:5~7kpa(0.5~0.7kg/c㎡)<br /> Gas heating source:Infrared rays 16000kcal/h;heating stick 21000kcal/h<br /> Capacity:Max. speed 6 sec each turn and another 4 sec for pasting.<br /> Cake length:about 70cm<br /> Max. cake diameter:<br /> <ul> <li> Ø130mm/12 rod(After cooling down Ø120mm); </li> <li> Ø180mm/6 rod(After cooling down Ø170mm)。 </li> </ul> Layer thickness:1.5~2.5mm depending on receipe. <br /> <br /> Characteristic:<br /> 1. As a result of accurate sheet metal processing technology, machine thermal insulation efficiency is great.<br /> 2. PLC can memorize 99 set of product parameters.<br /> 3. Precise operation, Adjustable heating power, Even and Gold color gaining.<br /> 4. Stainless steel coverage is hygienic and easy cleaning.<br /> 5. Safety automatic gas ignition detection.<br /> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"></span> Baumkuchen Oven 3 In 1 Convection Oven <img src='productpic/ps_35p21511765118.jpg' /><br><p class="MsoNormal"> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">3 in 1 deck and convectional oven<br /> Dimensions: 900x1200x1870mm<br /> Power: 380V 3P 12kw<br /> The hot air oven can be equipped with the man-machine interface (microcomputer memory) setting, and the best baking process conditions are pre-entered into the computer.<br /> You can bake the best products for each and every one of you without over-baking or half-baked products no matter they are new or old. This machine covers a small area, 0.9x1.2cm (about 1m) allows you to bake all kinds of exquisite pastries.<br /> No need to waste more rent and to find a large area of freshly baked goods in the market, the three in one combination oven is your best choice.<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> </span> </p> <ol> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Four sets hot air oven with steam (hot water storage way)can bake four plates of crispy products within one time, such as cookies, biscuits, pastries, egg tarts, croissants, chives bread and so on.</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Double plate furnace: optional gas or electric power, suitable for baking sweet bread, toast and so on. </span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">12 sets of fermenting box doesn't occupy too much space below the oven </span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Roasting tray: 6-8 - layer roasting tray allows freshly baked bread to be put</span> </li> </ol> 3 In 1 Convection Oven Cupcake Depositor <img src='productpic/ps_rp6d1511765199.jpg' /><br>Piston type cake depositor<br /> Outer Dimension : 1508x1036x1412mm<br /> Voltage:220V&nbsp; 3 phases&nbsp; 0.2KW<br /> Weight : 180kg<br /> Depositing width : Max. 450mm <br /> <br /> Functionality : Can produce Egg pie, Chocolate pie, Muffin cake, Guiyuan cake and SP … etc.<br /> <br /> Characteristics : &nbsp;<br /> 1. Easy operation and high working efficiency. <br /> 2. Suitable for semi-liquid batter (Easy defoaming batter like Chiffon batter is not recommended). <br /> 3. Accurate filling quantity (tolerance ± 1.5%). <br /> 4. Batter with particles can be filled (particle size less than 15 mm).<br /> ※ If the particles inside the batter are large, customized machine can be done according to customer specifications.<br /> 5. Filling components are removable and cleansing is easy.<br /> <br /> Cupcake Depositor Cake Depositor <img src='productpic/ps_k3qq1511765256.jpg' /><br>Roller type cake depositor<br /> Outer Dimension : 1500x930x1400mm<br /> Voltage:220V&nbsp; Single phases&nbsp; 1KW<br /> Weight : 300kg<br /> Depositing width : Max. 400mm <br /> <br /> Characteristics :<br /> <ol> <li> According to different filling base device (nozzle) there are different depositing ways available. </li> </ol> <ul> <li> Round moulds : Ø8 inch x2/time;Ø10 inch x1/time </li> <li> Cup cake : Ø3 inch x4/time </li> <li> Sheet cake 400 kg/hour (no need flattening with scrape after depositing) </li> </ul> <ol> <li> Filling base device can be changed quickly and cleaned easily. </li> <li> High level control system works stably and silently. </li> </ol> <br /> Cake Depositor Bakery Depositor <img src='productpic/ps_hd8q1511765355.jpg' /><br>2 in 1 cookie and cake depositor<br /> Outer Dimension : 1500×930×1400mm<br /> Voltage:220V Single phase 1KW<br /> Weight : 400kg<br /> Capacity:300kg/hr for cake;90kg/hr for cookie<br /> Max Depositing Width: 400mm<br /> <br /> Depositing<br /> <ol> <li> cake </li> <li> cookie </li> <li> wire cutter </li> <li> macaron </li> </ol> <br /> <ol> <li> LCD control panel </li> <li> Interchangeable nozzles </li> </ol> <br /> Bakery Depositor Cake Cutter <img src='productpic/ps_9aox1511765480.jpg' /><br>Compact cake cutter<br /> Dimension : 1000x1000x1400mm<br /> Voltage:220V&nbsp; Single phases&nbsp; 0.8KW<br /> Weight : 380kg <br /> <br /> Characteristics : &nbsp;<br /> <ol> <li> Using mitsubishi PLC control system, easy to operate. </li> <li> Round cake can be cut into 2,4,6,8,10,12,14 pieces and have 10 memory programs. </li> <li> The rectangle cake can be cut into any size and have 10 memory programs. </li> <li> The max. cutting width : 600mm </li> </ol> Cake Cutter Professional Cake Cutter <img src='productpic/ps_13ip1511765541.jpg' /><br>Deluxe cake cutter<br /> Dimension : 1321x1332x1403mm<br /> Voltage : 220V Single phases 1KW<br /> Weight : 400kg<br /> Functionality : Round cake, Square cake, Log cake, Triangle cake.<br /> Cutting range : <br /> Round cakes -6~12 inch.<br /> Rectangle cake<br /> <ul> <li> the max. cutting width 450mm, </li> <li> the max. cutting length&nbsp; 650mm, </li> <li> the max. turning diameter 800mm. </li> </ul> <br /> Characteristics : <br /> <ol> <li> Sliding cleaning device. </li> <li> Vibrating double knife. </li> <li> Knife can be heated up quickly and temperature sustuincd after continuous use. </li> <li> Use original Japan server control system, more stable and more precise. </li> <li> Each kind of cake can have 10 memory programs. </li> </ol> <br /> Professional Cake Cutter Ultrasonic Cake Cutter <img src='productpic/ps_kwqa1511765609.jpg' /><br>Ultrasonic cake cutter<br /> Dimension : 1450x1090x1790mm<br /> Voltage:380V&nbsp; 3 phases&nbsp; 2KW<br /> Weight : 580kg<br /> Functionality : Frozen cake, Butter Filled cake, Chocolate cake.<br /> Cutting range : <br /> <ul> <li> Round cakes -6~12 inch. ; </li> <li> Rectangle cake -the max. cutting width 600mm. </li> </ul> <br /> Characteristics : &nbsp;<br /> <ol> <li> Original Japanese ultrasonic generator and knife, including knife auto cleaning device. </li> </ol> <br /> Ultrasonic Cake Cutter Horizontal Cake Slicer <img src='productpic/ps_8y6q1511765652.jpg' /><br>Horizontal cake slicer<br /> Dimensions:1380x900x1160mm<br /> Conveyor:480x2760mm<br /> Power:1/2HP;25W<br /> <br /> Capacity:<br /> About 200 pcs/hour of Ø30cm ~ Ø50cm<br /> CL-320 can’t cut size bigger than Ø30cm<br /> <br /> Knife:2 pcs per set and 2 sets to be used together.<br /> Cutting thickness:Cake can be cut into 0.5~15cm. 28 kinds of thickness are available.<br /> Advantage:Different colors cake can be put together to have some change.<br /> Horizontal Cake Slicer Cookie Depositor <img src='productpic/ps_b2c81511832568.jpg' /><br>Cookie depositor<br /> Outer Dimension : 1500x860x1350mm<br /> Voltage:220V Single phase 0.9KW<br /> Weight : 300kg <br /> <br /> Functionality : Deposit of cookies, puffs and cakes<br /> Capacity:25 lines each munute<br /> <br /> Characteristics :<br /> <ol> <li> LCD touch screen with computer memory control. </li> <li> Muitifunction- Nozzles can be changed easily and quickly, No matter mass production or variety in small quantity are all suitable. </li> <li> Nozzle can be turned to have different shapes. </li> <li> With line cutting it can mske plain cookie. </li> </ol> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_0__"><br /> </span> Cookie Depositor Universal Depositor <img src='productpic/ps_l42z1511832577.jpg' /><br>Universal depositor <div> BAKER'S KINGDOM INTL INC. supplier and manufacturer of  which can deposit various cakes and cookies as well as Macaron. Its compact size and multi-function is very suitable for medium size bakery factory to have full ranges of products. </div> Universal Depositor Cookie Extruder <img src='productpic/ps_3p6r1511832587.jpg' /><br>Ice box cookie extruder<br /> Specification : 650x450x1080mm<br /> Capacity : 400-4000g/Min<br /> Form mold diameter : Max. 60mm<br /> <br /> Features : <br /> Handmade texture, great protection for gluten.<br /> Inverting speed control suitable for various materials.<br /> Keep nuts, chocolate, beans crispy and delicious after mixing with dough.<br /> Round, square …. different shape of nozzle,easy to change.<br /> High efficiency machine with minimum space taking.<br /> Whole body is made by food grade stainless steel.<br /> <br /> Cookie Extruder Cookie Cutter <img src='productpic/ps_ons1511832597.jpg' /><br>Ice box cookie cutter<br /> Specification : 1100x420x530mm<br /> Voltage : 110V 0.4kg<br /> Capacity : up to 60pcs/min<br /> Max. cutting height, width, and thickness : 60mm, 110mm and 0-18mm <br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Efficient fast cutting </li> <li> Safety device </li> <li> Mechanical design and easy operation </li> <li> Continuous slice, flat incision, unsticky dough </li> <li> Small volume won’t take too much space </li> </ol> <p> <br /> </p> <p> Features : Continuous, high speed cutter Safety automatic switch. </p> Cookie Cutter Proofing Unit <img src='productpic/ps_1ybd1511832604.jpg' /><br>Proofing unit<br /> Dimension : 500x200x800mm<br /> Electric consumption : 380V 3P 4.5kw <br /> <br /> Miniaturize water molecules : <br /> Water molecules to be miniaturized sufficiently makes the fermentation effect much better. <br /> Microcomputer control : <br /> With control panel Microcomputer system is easy to control and higher accurate. <br /> Compact size : <br /> Save space and can provide the space use of 25M3 Proofing room.<br /> Proofing Unit Fermentation Machine <img src='productpic/ps_f7pk1511832614.jpg' /><br>Fermentation machine<br /> Dimension:1200x700x1680mm<br /> Power:380V 3P 5.15KW (Heating 3KW/Chilling 1.4KW/Mixing 0.75KW)<br /> <br /> Characteristic :<br /> 1. Can cultivate the unique flavor of liquid starter.<br /> 2. Suitable for all fermentation of European and Japanese breads and enhance bread flavor.<br /> 3. PLC control can memory 10 set of mixing parameters.<br /> 4. Combine mixing, chilling and fermentation function and produce stable sourdough.<br /> 5. Body is made with food grade stainless steel and all Jacketed wall is equipped with specific Mueller board's construction which can generate turbulence in circulating water.<br /> 6. Easy cleaning with high pressure washing gun. Fermentation Machine Bread Filling Machine <img src='productpic/ps_j2yw1511832621.jpg' /><br>Bread injecting machine<br /> Voltage:220V 3P 1KW<br /> Machine dimension:1770x3100x1600mm<br /> Capacity:5000pcs/hr<br /> Air pressure:6kg/cm <br /> <br /> Characteristic : <br /> 1.Both sides depositing.<br /> 2.Depositing volume can be adjusted.<br /> 3.HMI control, Parameters can be adjusted and 10 group memory can be set.<br /> <br /> Working procedure : Manual aliging &gt; Auto delivering position &gt; Auto filling &gt; Auto discharging system (Conveyor to be handled by customer)<br /> <br /> Bread Filling Machine Bread Slicing Filling Machine <img src='productpic/ps_rzys1511832637.jpg' /><br>Bread slicing and injecting machine<br /> Dimension:1910x800x1800mm <br /> Effective slicing length:270mm <br /> Effective slicing width:60~100mm <br /> Capacity:40pcs/min <br /> <br /> Characteristics:<br /> <ol> <li> Can fill one or two fillings </li> (Butter cream、Custard filling、Soft chocolate filling、fruit jam) <li> Perform precisely, evenly and effectively </li> <li> Conveyor is removable and meet hygienic requirement </li> <li> Filling device can be quickly disassembled and save cleaning time. </li> </ol> <br /> Bread Slicing Filling Machine Toast Slicer <img src='productpic/ps_q1p31511832647.jpg' /><br>Desk top type toast slicer<br /> Dimension : 55x35x33cm <br /> Voltage : 220V single phase<br /> <br /> Advantage : Advantages : <br /> <ol> <li> Easily operating </li> <li> Slice thickness can be adjusted freely(0~45mm) </li> <li> Small volume won’t take too much space </li> <li> Safety protection device </li> <li> The cutting blade is treated by teflon, which is effective in preventing adhesion. </li> <li> It meets hygiene requirements </li> </ol> Adjustable thickness 0 ~ 4.5 cm. <br /> Small size &amp; save space. With cover keep safe. Knife coated with Teflon &amp; non-stick.<br /> Toast Slicer Crust Slicer <img src='productpic/ps_tfrk1511832654.jpg' /><br>Desk top type crust slice<br /> Voltage : 220V Single phase<span style="font-size:12.0pt;font-family:" color:red;"=""></span><br /> Capacity : 30 ~ 40 loaves/hour&nbsp; ( about 300 loaves/day) <br /> <br /> Advantage : <br /> <ol> <li> Easy operation. </li> <li> Adjustable thickness 0 ~ 4.5mm (standard thickness : 3mm) </li> <li> Small volume won’t take too much space </li> <li> The cutting blade is treated by teflon, which is effective in preventing adhesion. </li> <li> Special slide rail design </li> <li> It meets&nbsp; hygiene requirements </li> </ol> Crust Slicer Hot Dog Bun Slicer <img src='productpic/ps_ul301511832660.jpg' /><br>Desk top type hot dog bun slicer<br /> Voltage : 220V single phase<br /> Power : 1000 watts<br /> Capacity : 15 ~ 20 pcs/minute <br /> Cutting length : 12 ~ 15 cm/pc<br /> <br /> Advantage : <br /> Vertical cutting depth 0 ~ 4 cm(standard thickness : 2.5cm). <br /> Adjustable conveyor. Custom made for special angle is available.<br /> Hot Dog Bun Slicer Dough Divider Rounder <img src='productpic/ps_im861519260700.jpg' /><br>Dough divider and rounder<br /> Dimension:&nbsp; 730x1400x1450mm<br /> Electricity:&nbsp; 380V 3P 50Hz <br /> Consumption:&nbsp; 0.75KW<br /> Spinning speed: 68RPM<br /> Capacity: 2800pcs/hr<br /> Range: 30g~250g/pc <br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Suitable for bun, rolls, toast </li> <li> Divides and rounds together </li> <li> Easy to operate </li> <li> Space saving </li> <li> High capacity </li> </ol> <p> <br /> </p> <p> <span id="__kindeditor_bookmark_start_8__"></span> </p> <iframe src="" width="560" height="315" frameborder="0"> </iframe> Dough Divider Rounder Automatic Dough Divider Rounder <img src='productpic/ps_23av1519179482.jpg' /><br>5 Row dough divider and rounder<br /> Suitable for frozen doughs, hamburgers, sweet breads, buns…<br /> Dimension :2100x1100x1800mm<br /> Voltage : 380/220V 3P 4.5KW<br /> Weight :920kg<br /> Capacity : Max. 10000 pcs/hour (depending on the dough recipe) <br /> Hopper : 35kg<br /> <br /> <table class="MsoTableGrid" style="text-align:left;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="1"> <tbody> <tr> <td colspan="3"> <p class="MsoNormal"> Suitable range and introduction&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp; </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Weight </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> row&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> capacity </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 25~130g </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 5 </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 10000pcs/hr </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 30~210g </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 4 </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 8000pcs/hr </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 130~250g </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 3 </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 6000pcs/hr </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 150~350g </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 2 </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 4000pcs/hr </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 300~700g </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 1 </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 2000pcs/hr </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <br /> Characteristic :&nbsp; <br /> <ol> <li> Precise weight control with tolerance ±1~2g </li> <li> Cutting system without oil needed and cut down producing cost. </li> <li> Machine is made by stainless steel. </li> <li> Easy operation, disassembling and cleaning. </li> </ol> Automatic Dough Divider Rounder Sandwich Sealing Machine <img src='productpic/ps_zk0o1511832692.jpg' /><br>Sandwich sealing machine<br /> Dimension : 680x990x1330mm<br /> Voltage : 220V Single phase 0.75kw<br /> Capacity : 1200 pcs/hr depending on size<br /> <br /> Application: Snow fort, toast sandwich<br /> <br /> Features :<br /> <ol> <li> Moulding-die, automatically cutting die and fitting up </li> <li> Easy operation and small size </li> <li> Pneumatic operation, save electricity </li> <li> Mould can be designed </li> </ol> Sandwich Sealing Machine Dumpling Machine <img src='productpic/ps_0ard1511832700.jpg' /><br>Dumpling machine<br /> Dimension : 1540x800x1730mm<br /> Capacity : 3000-9000pcs/hour <br /> Prod. weight : 10g-100g&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Forming roller can be changed to make different products like meat dumplings,yaki dumplings, shrimp dumplings, little juicy steamed buns, steamed buns, wonton and so on.<br /> Fhis version is suitable for factory.<br /> Dumpling Machine Tart Press Machine <img src='productpic/ps_77nf1511832708.jpg' /><br>Tart pressing machine<br /> Dimension : 680x990x1330mm<br /> Voltage : 220V Single phase 0.8kw<br /> Capacity : 1500-2000 pieces/hr depending on size<br /> <br /> Application: Taiwan type egg tart, Pie crust, Portuguese tart<br /> <br /> Features:<br /> <ol> <li> Moulding-die, Stable production operation </li> <li> Easy operation and small size </li> <li> The cutting blade is treated by teflon, which is effective in preventing adhesion. </li> <li> Adjustable design, quick change line, movable system. </li> <li> It meets hygiene requirements and it is easy for cleaning and maintenance </li> </ol> <br /> Tart Press Machine Tart Processing Machine <img src='productpic/ps_xb2e1511832716.jpg' /><br><p class="MsoNormal"> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">6 row Tart processing machine<br /> Dimension : 4300x1500x1380mm</span><span style="font-family:" color:red;"=""><br /> Capacity : <br /> </span> </p> <ul> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">6000 pieces hr for general tart</span> <br /> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">4500 pieces hr for Portuguese tart</span> </ul> <p class="MsoNormal"> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"=""><br /> Features:<br /> </span> </p> <ol> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Automatic offer cup device</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Automatic feeding device </span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Tart&nbsp; cup forming device</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Release the device</span> </li> <li> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"="">Central integrated control</span> </li> </ol> <p> <br /> </p> <p class="MsoNormal"> <span style="font-family:" color:red;"=""></span> </p> <ol> </ol> Tart Processing Machine Nougat Machine <img src='productpic/ps_1pxg1511832727.jpg' /><br>Nougat candy machine<br /> Production procedure:<br /> Invert sugar→sugar boiling/ whipping egg<br /> white→ mix→ cooling→ planishing→ cutting→ package<br /> <br /> 200L sugar bucket&nbsp;&nbsp; 1 set<br /> &nbsp;(water、sugar) solution treatment、 heat preservation<br /> <ol> <li> capacity:200L </li> <li> Dimension:900x1750mm </li> <li> power consumption:7.5KW(heating、mixing) </li> <li> Optional:Automatic weighing device </li> </ol> <br /> The temperature control cooking table&nbsp; 2 sets<br /> It is used to boil sugar syrup<br /> <ol> <li> Adopting two natural gas furnace heads </li> <li> Two special copper POTS </li> <li> Automatic temperature control </li> <li> Dimension:1600x750x800mm </li> </ol> <br /> Mixer 1 or several sets used for whisk egg white<br /> <ol> <li> Capacity:20L、30L、40L(optional) </li> </ol> 50L Fry filling machine<br /> Mix the cooked syrup together with the good egg whites and add peanuts and other dried fruits.<br /> <ol> <li> Heating steam, gas or electric </li> <li> Three speed types </li> <li> Adopt oil pressure fluctuation </li> <li> Capacity:50L </li> <li> Dimension:1050x1000x1540mm </li> <li> Power consumption : 380V 3P 0.75KW </li> </ol> <br /> Cooling table&nbsp; 1 set<br /> The nougat can be quickly cooled and the water With special interlayer design containing with ice water machine.<br /> <ol> <li> The workbench size:1800x800x800mm </li> <li> Water consumption:380V 3P 3.75KW </li> </ol> <br /> The nougat flattening machine&nbsp; 1 set applied for flattening of nougat<br /> <ol> <li> Adopt oil pressure fluctuation </li> <li> Dimension:858x455x1450mm </li> <li> Electricity consumption:220V 0.75KW </li> <li> Maximum flattening size:360x360x15mm </li> <li> Random distribution press 2 sets </li> </ol> <br /> The nougat cutting machine 1 set<br /> It is suitable for cutting of peanut candy, sesame candy, nougat, jujube, walnut candy and other products.<br /> <ol> <li> Dimension:1800x560x1050mm </li> <li> Electricity consumption:380V 3P 0.75KW </li> <li> cutting thickness:10~18mm </li> <li> cutting size:360x360mm </li> <li> Random cut disk </li> </ol> (the specification can be customized according to customer requirements)<br /> <br /> Nougat Machine Automatic Egg Roll Making Machine <img src='productpic/ps_fb0y1511832734.jpg' /><br>Automatic egg roll production line<br /> Dimension : 700x2400x2000mm<br /> Capacity : 200 , 400 or 800pcs/hr<br /> <ol> <li> Microcomputer temperature control, automatic constant temperature </li> <li> Precise and quantitative material </li> <li> The pan is roasted regularly </li> <li> Artificial leather design </li> <li> Smoke exhaust system equipment </li> <li> It meets hygiene standards </li> </ol> <br /> Features : Designed for Taiwanese egg roll, simulates hand-rolling motion and bakes the product into shape within seconds.<br /> <br /> Automatic Egg Roll Making Machine Air Mixer <img src='productpic/ps_hp031511832740.jpg' /><br>Air mixer<br /> Voltage:380V 3P 11kw<br /> Dimension:L2120xW930xH1627mm<br /> Capacity:160L<br /> <br /> Bring in advanced Japanese mechanical concept, special design<br /> for high mass production.<br /> Application : Honey cake, Whole egg cake, SP cake.<br /> <br /> Characteristic : <br /> <ol> <li> Use of Human Machine Interface, easy operation. </li> 10 groups of memory parameter for customer’s choices. <li> Use of inverter duty motor, mixing power reaches 15HP, torque is sufficient. </li> <li> The mixing speed is adjustable from 70rpm~290rpm. </li> <li> Stainless steel mixing tank meets hygiene requirements and is easy to clean. </li> The jacketed wall of tank can keep batter temperature. <li> Ready batter can be delivered to depositor’s hopper automatically. </li> </ol> Air Mixer Horizontal Mixer <img src='productpic/ps_121o1511832746.jpg' /><br>Horizontal mixer(3 bag flour)<br /> Capacity:135kg<br /> Voltage:380V 11/17kw<br /> Dimension:2103x1124x2300mm<br /> Bowl tilting angle:100°<br /> Weight:1300kg<br /> <br /> Characteristic :<br /> <ol> <li> Suitable for hard dough, soft dough and cookie dough with different mixing tools. </li> <li> Mixing tank with Mueller’s board construction provides an even temperature and proper mixing temperature. </li> It can be connected with recycling device of cold water. <li> PLC control with Schneider Electric device and7 inch colorful touch screen can memory 30 set of program. </li> <li> Equipped with automatic metering water supplying system, operation is easy. </li> <li> Using multi chain driving device and unique chain lubricating system. </li> <li> Special lid’s design, can be lifted horizontally and sealed completely. Good looking and easy cleaning. </li> </ol> Horizontal Mixer Turpan Raisins <img src='productpic/ps_ttvo1523246653.jpg' /><br>Turpan Thin Shin Raisin<br /> After having been using 10 year California Raisin, today you have a new choice<br /> The best raisin producing place in the world is Xinjiang Turpan.<br /> Its nuclear tree white grape has been called “Crystal Grape” and “Green Pearl”.<br /> It has been air dried naturally indoors.<br /> <br /> <table class="MsoTableGrid" style="text-align:left;" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="1"> <tbody> <tr> <td> <br /> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> <img src="" width="200px" /> </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> <img src="" width="200px" /> </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <br /> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> BK Turpan Raisin </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> California Raisin </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Water content         </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> <15% </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 18% </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Sweetness </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> >65 brix </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> max 55 brix </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 100g about </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 320pcs </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> 244pcs </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Taste </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> soft,QQ,thin shin,sour&sweet </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> thick skin,drierand sourer </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Branches </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> almost no and softer </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> almost no and softer </p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Appearance </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Amber,particles loosen and easy to take out         </p> </td> <td> <p class="MsoNormal"> Amber, particles loosen and easy to take out         </p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> <br /> Characteristics:<br /> 1.Low moisture content: The high temperature dry air brings water out of juicy grape and <br />    let it have good sweet and low water content (10%).<br /> 2.More quantity : In every 100g the quantity is 1/3 more than the California’s.<br /> 3.Polution-free: It comes from no industrial polluted Xinjiang and has been washed with <br />    the pure Tianshan melted snow watr and coated with sunflower oil.<br /> 4.Purities: It uses manual multiple selection and advanced metal detector. <br /> 5.Thin skin and good taste: the unique flavor in the world.<br /> 6.The most modern equipment and won the ISO9001-2000 quality management system, <br />    HACCP food safety management system certification.<br /> <br /> <img src="" width="700px" /><br /> <br /> <img src="" width="700px" /><br /> Turpan Raisins