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  • Puff Production Line - 1-4.
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  • Puff Production Line
    Mini chou (puff) production line
    Product:Small puffs with fillings
    Weight :Batter 8g/pc Diameter 45mm → 60 mm incl. pitch, After baking and drying → 5g/pc
    Capacity:48,000pc/hour → 48,000×8g=384kg
    • If the puff weight is less or baking time is shorter.
    • the capacity could reach 60,000pc/hour.
    Positioning way:steel band width 1000,1000÷60=16.67 → 16pc/line
    Baking time:12 minutes
    Drying time:8 minutes
    • From baking to drying completion, totally needs 20 minutes (3 cycles /hour)

    Working procedure:
    Preparation → Mixing → Depositing (outer shape) → Baking → Drying → Cooling → Injecting (inside filling) → Packaging

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