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  • Nougat Machine - 7-4.BKC-Nougat
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    Nougat Machine

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  • Nougat Machine
    Nougat candy machine
    Production procedure:
    Invert sugar→sugar boiling/ whipping egg
    white→ mix→ cooling→ planishing→ cutting→ package

    200L sugar bucket   1 set
     (water、sugar) solution treatment、 heat preservation
    1. capacity:200L
    2. Dimension:900x1750mm
    3. power consumption:7.5KW(heating、mixing)
    4. Optional:Automatic weighing device

    The temperature control cooking table  2 sets
    It is used to boil sugar syrup
    1. Adopting two natural gas furnace heads
    2. Two special copper POTS
    3. Automatic temperature control
    4. Dimension:1600x750x800mm

    Mixer 1 or several sets used for whisk egg white
    1. Capacity:20L、30L、40L(optional)
    50L Fry filling machine
    Mix the cooked syrup together with the good egg whites and add peanuts and other dried fruits.
    1. Heating steam, gas or electric
    2. Three speed types
    3. Adopt oil pressure fluctuation
    4. Capacity:50L
    5. Dimension:1050x1000x1540mm
    6. Power consumption : 380V 3P 0.75KW

    Cooling table  1 set
    The nougat can be quickly cooled and the water With special interlayer design containing with ice water machine.
    1. The workbench size:1800x800x800mm
    2. Water consumption:380V 3P 3.75KW

    The nougat flattening machine  1 set applied for flattening of nougat
    1. Adopt oil pressure fluctuation
    2. Dimension:858x455x1450mm
    3. Electricity consumption:220V 0.75KW
    4. Maximum flattening size:360x360x15mm
    5. Random distribution press 2 sets

    The nougat cutting machine 1 set
    It is suitable for cutting of peanut candy, sesame candy, nougat, jujube, walnut candy and other products.
    1. Dimension:1800x560x1050mm
    2. Electricity consumption:380V 3P 0.75KW
    3. cutting thickness:10~18mm
    4. cutting size:360x360mm
    5. Random cut disk
    (the specification can be customized according to customer requirements)

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