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  • Maamoul Oven - 3-6.
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    Maamoul Oven

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  • Maamoul Oven
    Maamoul oven
    Japan Technology, Manufactured in China
    33% higher capacity than the European brands at a fraction of the price
    Easy of use Touch Screen PLC control panel with memory sets

    Outer dimension : L 5000 x W 1800 x H 1425mm
    Effective baking dimension : L 4000 x W 900 x H 100mm suitable for 800x600 mm tray
    Capacity : Max 80 trays/hr at baking time 5 min Max 66 trays/hr at baking time 6 min
    Temperature: up to 400℃
    Heat source: equipped with 48 burners and provides up to 48Kw

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