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  • Fermentation Machine - 6-2.BKMK-FGYJ180
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    Fermentation Machine

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  • Fermentation Machine
    Fermentation machine
    Power:380V 3P 5.15KW (Heating 3KW/Chilling 1.4KW/Mixing 0.75KW)

    Characteristic :
    1. Can cultivate the unique flavor of liquid starter.
    2. Suitable for all fermentation of European and Japanese breads and enhance bread flavor.
    3. PLC control can memory 10 set of mixing parameters.
    4. Combine mixing, chilling and fermentation function and produce stable sourdough.
    5. Body is made with food grade stainless steel and all Jacketed wall is equipped with specific Mueller board's construction which can generate turbulence in circulating water.
    6. Easy cleaning with high pressure washing gun.

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