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BAKER’S KINGDOM INT’L INC. е един от световните производители, доставчици и износители Хляб машина, С една фабрика в Shanghai. С дългогодишен опит в линията на вземане, ние сме известни за изключителна производителност в индустрията. Ние сме помогнали като един от водеща марка в Shanghai. Ние непрекъснато обновяваме нашите продукти да отговарят на международните стандарти. Ние държим на екип от професионалисти, които предоставя по срочните доставки с високо quality.Our, искреност и упорита работа ни помогна да съответства на нашето качество с международните стандарти.


With 30 years of experience and the best resources from Taiwan and China, Baker’s Kingdom provide the most efficient, automated, innovated bakery production line and equipment.

Our History

1982    Commenced representing for Puratos as belgian exclusive agents
1983    Commenced representing for Rheon, Koma, Bongards and various known brands
1991    Founded in Taipei Head Office
1993    Migrated to China market
1995    Opened Baker’s Kingdom Shanghai Main office
1998    Set up Machinery factory, started manufacturing equipment
2001    Set up Turpan Raisin factory
2002    Uni-food Shanghai acquired (Specialized in encrusted cookies OEM for the Uni-President and Kraft)
2007    ISO22000:2005 qualified
             Launched the first Chiffon Batter Production Line 250Kg Type in South East Asia region
2008    Launched the largest Chiffon Batter Production Line 1000Kg in Korea which produces
             3,000pcs/hour 6” chiffon cake
2009    Acquired JEY Japanese dumpling machine, back-sold to the Japanese Market within 3 months
2010    Launched Cupcake Production Line 15,000pcs/hour
             Reached milestone by producing over 100 tunnel ovens
2011    Launched Cake Production Line to the Middle East and Africa region
2013    Establish Shanghai Feng Wang Machinery Factory  Located in Feng Wang Road, Shanghai,
             [The New Machinery factory] - clean, bright and spacious. 
             The plant can produce several lines of more than one hundred meters long tunnel oven in the same time, and also              have various professional equipment demonstration areas, allowing customers to experience the operation and              result.
             There are also a large conference room and staff quarters where can accommodate up to 70 People . And              restaurants and entertainment room comfort the staff as at home.

Нашата искреност и упорита работа ни помогнаха да съответства на качеството на нашите

Хляб машина

с международните стандарти. Според различните видове изисквания на производство, ние предлагаме перфектни услуги за вас.