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  • Bakery Depositor - 4-3.BKMK-503
  • supplier and manufacturer of Bakery Depositor. Our product range includes many aspects. Its cost efficiency is its advantage. We provide products with two holes that is used using pure electrolytic copper and are annealed to ensure optimum ductility. Please feel free to contact us.

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    Bakery Depositor

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  • Bakery Depositor
    2 in 1 cookie and cake depositor
    Outer Dimension : 1500×930×1400mm
    Voltage:220V Single phase 1KW
    Weight : 400kg
    Capacity:300kg/hr for cake;90kg/hr for cookie
    Max Depositing Width: 400mm

    1. cake
    2. cookie
    3. wire cutter
    4. macaron
    1. LCD control panel
    2. Interchangeable nozzles

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